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    Vaultek Safes line of smart safes and cases offer superior protection and convenience with biometric non-biometric, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth models available. From the budget friendly Barikade series to the RS series rifle safes there is a product for your particular needs.

Mission Armament complies with all local, state and federal laws with respect to firearm sales.

Mission Armament will only ship regulated items to federally licensed firearms dealers.

Mission Armament will not sell regulated items to the following states: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New jersey, New York, Vermont, Washington D.C.

All local (Texas Resident) purchasers are required to fill a form 4473 and pass an FBI NICS background check prior to receiving any regulated items.  Local license to carry holders are exempt from the NICS background check.  All other purchasers will have to abide by the local, state and federal laws in effect in their respective state, provide all necessary documentation and fill out all forms with the FFL receiving the regulated item.

All items sold by Mission Armament comply with firearms laws and regulations.